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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your opinion:

Ok everyone, we got something going around for a while now
and we came to the point that we would like your help.

The community has been around for some time now and has
been growing ever since. We had a slight spin off with a
new platform, but we ended back up here.

Of course the Blogspot site works fine, we know and love it.
(till a certain extend) but we find it is time to get our
stuff together and start looking for something better.

Specially since we hit the 100 member cap of Blogspot.
We drafted some ambitious plans but the whole thing
still needs a name or domain name (the www. * .com/.org what ever).

So for this we would like your opinion. Lets us know what
you think would be a suitable name and post it in the comment.

After a while I'll gather the whole thing and we can take a poll.

Ok, let me know what you think!


Luca said...

Knuckles it sounds like a good idea. yeah we're really old now (lol). the blog is really good and very user friendly to upload and comment. I would suggest something like "" (since Xia is like our teacher here and we're learning from him and hopefully get as good as him). But on the other side it would be good to leave it as it is : or

Other then that I hope that this blog will keep on getting more hits and members. We are grateful to Xia and of course you man! ;)

Knuckles930 said...

Luca, thanks for breaking the ice. I hope more people will start joining in, so we can get the most ideas.

Specially from the rest of the veterans I do expect a reasonable input here.

Besides that this is your chance to put any possible ideas in the spotlight, since I'll be working on the site.

I've placed a permanent link on the top of the page for easy access. So lets keep this things going.

Somewhere next week, if we have some options for a domain name, I'll put up a Poll to get a final result.

Any support for the new community site can be given in the form of buying coffee or Featured tutorials.

Well, its up to you all now to let your voice be heard. Or text for that matter.

Graham Knowles said...

I say .biz or .net. If it's available. Why change it. Every already is familiar with this web address. Whatever the new one is it would be best to have idrawgirls or some part of it as the web address.

Knuckles930 said...

The main site is
I think taking the same name but using .org or .net would give some confusion. We should have something in it that does state this is the community next to that site.

me9a7 said...

omg, i didnt realize that theres a a new domain name, well i hope im not too late for opinions here, or am i?

question though, so theres two sites now? a main site and a new one? sorry im not really clear on that lol. anyway i was thinking of its still recognizable as idrawgirls but only in initials :)

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