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Monday, January 4, 2010


Spider Man!  Spider Man! Your friendly Neighborhood Spider man! Spider Man... oh shut it lol  

ill get down to business here, what do you guys think of spidey's pose? is it: 

a) Not bad, still can be improved. 

b) Not  good, it looks funny.

c) you call that Spider Man?? i'm calling the cops! :p

whoa! multiple choices!

I draw girls too....

In these holidays, I've been pushing my studies and skill as hard as I could. This is a study I did some days ago. Hope you guys like it.

A quick arm study.
Thanks Xia for the help and feedback you've been giving.


Frankly you're dead

I cant tell you how many times ive tried drawing Frank Castle, countless times i guess (nah more like twice lol) and i never do him justice. Well i dont think i did it anyway with this one, but its pretty close to what i have in mind :p  So this is The Punisher, my third attempt on using this arty brush strokes. hmm its getting addictive lol.

Dark Knight

After sketching Grifter, i was itchy to try more. So its time for the Bats! as he is my all time favorite superhero. no one beats him in my book :)  with Bats i tried pushing the blacks even further just to see what happens lol i guess it turns out pretty okay. So what do you guys think?



One of my favorite character from the 90's comics is Grifter of Wild Cats by image comics. The design for this guy is, for me at least, brilliant. The mask that he wears really sets him apart from all the other super hero types that ive seen. so when i wanted to draw him i decided to exaggerate the mask  a little by well, making it longer hehe.  Tell me what you guys think. 


I Draw Girls, and more

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