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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vali The Leader (Happy Christmas!)

Hey everyone, I have just finished a character concept and thaught to share it with you - but since it's Christmas time I want to be generous. Just a small gift from me! I wanted to show and help you (especially you beginners) how I did this painting from start to finish. It's always nice to see different approaches. I have written the most valuable information and my tips in the WIP. Also I want to give you something more -- I have uploaded also 2 underpaintings I did that I use sometimes either to get some texture, or to start off the painting. One tip I can give you if you don't know how to use them is to tweak their size and angle, sharpen them, desaturate them, change the Hue & Saturation and adjust the Levels. ;)

Oh, just one last gift, I have also uploaded my color palette. It's quite similar to Xia's but I have added some things that I find quite useful while I'm painting. Hope you find it useful as well.

Let me guys know what you think, especially you my brother Xia! Hope you see some more improvement. Your feedback helps me and motivates me a LOT! :)



Knuckles930 said...

Nice, its good to see a generous spirit around here! Sure you have come a long way from when you started. As have most of the long term ones around here.

Nice work.

manit said...

that was awesome work luca!heartfuly thanks for the help.your procedure is good.even i am working on some digital sketches and life drawing a lot.specially life drawing.its necessary and helps a lot.your procedure will help me to find my own procedure.thanks luca.
merry christmas!

mohit said...

very good work.the material u uploaded is very helpful as well as the procedure. keep it up.

manit said...

oh yeah man!i totally forgot to say,have u checked out tutorials in carlos cabrera site that i have in my blog.check it out.they are full length tutorials and they are free.good luck

Graham Knowles said...

Love the Art Work Vali. And thanks for the freebies. Hopefully more of those who are further ahead than the rest of us will follow your lead and share their knowledge. The more information shared, the more we grow, the better we get. Thanks again.

Luca said...

Knuckles> Thanks brother, yeah it was something I was working on. There is a lot of improvement round here :)

Manit> Glad you find it of help. It's my pleasure to share what I know and help other as others did with me, starting from Xia! ;)

Mohit> thanks man hopefully more to come if I get some more time.

Graham Knowles> Hopefully. If I have more stuff that might be usable I'll do my best to share it with you. Feel free to drop a line when you have any drawing problems. Good luck.

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