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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Up All Night

This picture combines several techniques that were finalized in Photoshop. The drawings are my pencil and marker drawings scanned into a 3d program and "mapped" onto planes. The laptop was built from scratch and took the longest. Shadows and stains were painted in Photoshop. I'm getting away from 3d work now and spending more time studying traditional art techniques. The abundance of "pre-made" 3d models being used is causing me to appreciate hand-drawn illustration more and more.


GalGo! said...

Just awesome, what program did you use? 3Ds Max?


Nick Fechter said...

Nice 3d work! I actually thought that was real for a second.

By the way, I need to ask you something about how to download the free photoshop trial from the adobe website. Ever time I attempt a download, it says that I have to have the Adobe Download Manager. So I looked for the Adobe Download Manager on the website, and didn't find it, so then I decided to utilize search engines, and still didn't find it. Could you perhaps provide me a link to this supposed download manager or tell me were I can download it? I'd be very grateful if you did.

Also thanks for the comment :)

Guybell said...

If you are asking about Elements, I didn't download trial, I just bought it and downloaded it. (There was no trial available for Mac at that time. I had been using an ancient version and needed to upgrade anyway. If I remember correctly, it asked me to download Adobe manager when I downloaded Elements. I know that I didn't have to look for the product in another place. Like I said before, I'm mainly a Painter user so I don't really need to spend the bucks for PS full. You should probably check with the boss here and see if it's worth it.

Guybell said...

No, it was Carrara. I used to use it frequently but switched to Shade a while back. Thanks for the comment.

Luca said...

Guy Bell> Man you really impressed me so much :) This piece is so cool. Like Nick Fechter, I also thaught you took a photo. I'm opposite of you... I'm more on traditional paint and while I keep on my studies, I will slowly try to shift onto 3D just to expand my knowledge. By the way, is it Carrara really good to model or you recommend others; like 3d's Max or ZBrush... there are so many!


Guybell said...

If you are serious about getting into game development or another branch of art using 3d, you should use 3DS or Maya. These are pretty much the industry standards. Carrara, Vue, etc are considered mid-level hobby programs (Although there are some really great artists that use them.) They are often given away free on disks included in magazines like 3d World, 3d Artist. etc. The problem with 3d programs is that, unlike paint programs, they all work differently so will require a long learning curve. If you look at some of the pro 3d artists, the workflow is usually 3Ds + ZBrush + Photoshop.
Carrara is not a good modeler, by the way. I modeled it in Hexagon. The problem is that all of these hobby programs seem to more and more built around the use of Poser.

Luca said...

Oh I see... For this summer it's gonna ba just for hobby but also for preparation and knowledge on 3D environment since I'll have to learn them at school next winter hopfully!

I'll see what I can get and as you said, the problem is that it takes quite some time to learn....


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