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Sunday, July 5, 2009

sudden fire fight :)

newest new :)


☢MESMURDA☢ said...

yes i was watching to much band of brothers lately :P

GalGo! said...

I like these fog effect, good job dude!

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

haha! fog!!! :P i was trying more for snow i dont really know how u make if less blurry on photoshop....

Nick Fechter said...

This is good! It could use some refinement though to make the drawing more clear, and as in refinement I mean developing a stronger sense of shape and form by adding stronger colors and hard lines. But other than that you're drawing is great, just remember to KEEP PRATICING! :)

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

so nick u mean like britten the brights and darken the darken or what?

and thanks at least ur giving me some help :)

Nick Fechter said...

Yes, I mean exactly that. Plus you'll be amazed at how adding a good solid line can improve a drawing. You should deffinetly add a few dark, hard lines in the places where there's the most darkness. You should also intensify your highlights with brighter colors to give the image some more bite. I hope that helps.

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

hum interesting... but im definitly trying to get away from the anmanga style drawing but i will try that :)

Luca said...

Good job... keep drawing every day. Also try to apply some hard edges every now and then. this will avoid from getting an image blurred. Balance soft and hard... just like Yin-Yang! X)
Also keep in mind that snow get bouncing light and reflected light. Maybe that's why it looks more like fog. Still it's a good practice...keep practicing!!

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

haha all good points luca :)

Nick Fechter said...

Ying and Yang, good example Luca

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