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Friday, April 10, 2009


Here is what I've been working on the past few days... this time I choose to take my drawing a bit further into details... I really hope you'll like it!

I really had no reference for this one as I started it as a joke! I hope I'm improving in some way...



Neocene said...

very cool piece. Some advice would to bring the figure a little closer to the viewer, that would give us a much more impending sense of gloom and mystery. Also try to add some additional background coloring to keep it from looking so flat. I hope that helps.

Luca said...

thanks Neocene... sure it helps. I'll do my best on my next piece! ;)

XIA said...

This by far one of your best execution. You capture the values and color well...You have come a long way brother! Congrat!

Luca said...

XIA> Oh man... I really waited anxiously for you opinion... Thanks brother. Yes I think so. Karma... I am getting "slowly" fruit of my hard work... still long way to improve!

Thanks man, and hope you'll keep on helping me! :)

Anton said...

hey, very nice work here :)

I have just few points of critics here, if you don't mind:
- human proportions - if you could make the head smaller, it would look more realistic (unless you did that intentionally, of course)
- main light source - its a bit unclear what makes those "fangs" drop such shadows, I guess they could be casted in such way if there was an omni light source near lower central skull

other than that, its pretty cool piece, good colors and mood :)
keep them coming!

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