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Friday, April 10, 2009

An other sketch

Well made this the other day. Didn't feel like scanning so I took the lazy way out again.


Luca said...

Ah taking photo is much easier right! I do the same thing sometimes... but I try to swith off the flash! ;)

I would suggest you more anatomy study or reference...Nice to see you're posting.


dahaca6022 said...

Very awesome my friend!You make it so easy!I also drew on paper this week but i am working on something else now.

Knuckles930 said...

When I took the photo I didn't had much of a good light source so didn't had much choice.

As the the anatomy, I usually don't use any reference. I just get an idea and start drawing until I like the result. Might need to start with that if I get the time.

Kenti said...

Man, it might hurt but...i feel like it was sketched by 5 year-old kid. But it's great that you're practising, please take this critique softly couse for now i can draw only manga faces and they're still not good enough. It would be great if you study some anatomy, i'm doing it now and it's realy helpfull couse when you know some basics you can draw from your imagination. Respect for your optimism, i can see that you really like what you do, and that's the spirit! Keep it up bro!


dahaca6022 said...

A five-year-old kid should only practise and hope to be as good as Knuckles!What is more I don't see you drawing any bodies.You should take a lesson from Knuckles!I bet you even can't out-dive Knuckles!

Knuckles930 said...

Well, I might not be very good and I don't really aim to be very good. I did a Multi Media course, but after I finished it, I decided I didn't want to go for it, more than just a hobby.

Now some around here can really make it professionally, but for me I just take it easy. I found that I'm a better DiveMaster than a artist, and from that I actually feel losing my edge in creativity.

So well it may not be good, but it keeps my skills up somewhat, rather than losing all of it.

Maybe I should study autonomy, but really most of the time I don't have the resources and the time. Because as a DiveMaster I most often end up at places with barely any internet etc. Taking many books ain't a good option ether since the equipment is also heavy enough by its self, besides that the job takes enough time already and most often I don't feel like doing much after anyway.

Still, I'll try to post some once a while and keep this community going.

Kenti said...

Dahaca....i can see that you haven't understand me :) I just wanted to mobalize him and give him some tips, and I also wanted to give my own, humble opinion, as i said, i can't draw bodies at all(almost:P) but i heven't liked it.:) And your reaction is really weird:) Knuckles, I really appreciate your attitude and I only wanted to give you an advice =)

Knuckles930 said...

Well advice is always appreciated but, its like a present. The way its wrapped can make a lot of difference.

Personally I would use a different way of phrasing it. But I guess everyone has there own way of expressing them selfs, which of course we have to respect, since everyone is free to present them selfs in the way they like.

Kenti said...

I just wanted to make it clear :) And i also said: 'take it softly' :) So chillout and draw(oh my god i haven't been drawing for a long time:) but now i'm exhausted after an easter dinner and i can't focus on drawing:)

Peace, sorry if i offended you:)

Knuckles930 said...

He he, to offend me you gotta do better, since on an average day at work here, we get a barrage of such on a daily basis.

But not everyone is that lucky. So I guess using a more "sublime" tone to express might be appreciated more by the rest, specially the long time members. Because after such a time you do get used to a certain way of treatment.

And (this is of course for everyone) if you criticize be sure you can back it up with good arguments and make it constructive.

At work, we got someone who shouts a lot but in the end, most of that has no meaning. In such case I think, its better to keep shut. To bad he hasn't figures jet.

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