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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sci-Fi Drawing

Hey community, it's been a lot since I hear from you (even your replies Xia). Well hope everyone of you is fine. I did this during a whole day at home (with a cold). I don't know how to describe it... something that had in mind. Well, visit my blog to see the whole video process of it!
All comment are more than welcome! :)



pokepetter said...

The perspective is off.
[IMG][/IMG](forgot some lines)
Look at the thing above the man compared to the structure. You forgot to set up the left vanquishing point.

I think a high horizon would've made this better. That usually works best when doing interiors.

The concept is badly presented. Composition is weak and there's too little information. Also try making your canvas less square and more rectangular when doing enviros.

Good luck.

Marius Silaghi said...

Hi luca :)

On the emotional side of this picture I think it transmitting a cold sad feeling, but it isn't really clear what you feeled when you painted it.If the picture fails to transmit a genuine feeling you had when you painted it then it it becomes a lifeless picture.And nothings worse than a lifeless picture, it can be an academic correct drawing with realistic rendering and stuff, but if it fails to convey a genuine felling than its worthless.Well in my perspective your drawing is not lifeless, I see potential in it, you need just to honest and transmit what you really feel.That is the ultimate goal in every art to transmit ideas and genuine feelings.

The academic side of this picture need work too.

And now how to improve you ask.Well there is no easy way, you need to work hard for this.I am not telling you to just practice and do doodles everyday because that's really not the way to go, it may be until a limit.If you really wanna see improvements than you really need to study hard.You need to read books, not just to read them but to understand them and to put in practice what you have learned.And not just books, there is the internet, but you need to be careful from where you learn because not every thing is good on the net(but I leave this discussion for another time).

And now to finish this of I'm giving you some links to some free books on the net, there are old books but there are good, there are timeless, there teach you to draw in general, you will not find such thing in this books "today I am showing you shortcuts how to draw this and this".

The Andrew Loomis collection(they are free because Andrews family dont care about the copyrights).I specially recommand Successful Drawings because it teach you to some degree perspective.

And now the best book ever "The Practice and Science of Drawing" by Harold Speed.This book is the books of drawing, it will show you for what you are drawing, it will show you the emotional side of drawings.

Note that all above is just MY personal opinion and I'm trying just to help, do what you want with this advice but please if you download this books read them and don't let them gain dust on your hard disk.

Luca said...

hey people! thanks... welcome first of all Marius!
Yes both of you are right... maybe the fact that I was completely sick at home is the reason why there is no emotion, maybe the fact that I had no reference... I'm really not satisfied with it, mainly because I dedicated soo much time on it!
Anyways, thanks for the advices, I shall put my heart in it and not only my mind!

I will do my best to do a better job on the next post :)


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