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Friday, January 9, 2009

Judgement Day

Done with my new tablet.

Marius Silaghi.


pokepetter said...

Ha ha. That's funny. What is probably the biggest mistake in this is that it's higher contrast in the shadow, and less in the light. The stronger the light is, the higher contrast there is. How the forms are defined through the lightsource is also wrong. It flattens the piece. The light looks pasted on instead of placed into 3d space. Light and shadow (value) is important for depth.

Marius Silaghi said...

@pokepetter Glad you like it.Thanks for the great critic.I think this things come from carefully observations and experience.
I never thinked about contrast before in that way, but as i see I need to learn it.
Now search for information and do studies.

BTW I used just a screen layer for that beam, and i was thinking then if this will turn okay, but my laziness convinced me to use it.

pokepetter said...

Light travels in straight lines until it hits something. If there's no possible way a certain light source can hit something, don't light it.

That's why it's wrong to use a screen layer as it makes everything lighter. Including the shadows. It be nice to use if yo need to make the shadows a bit lighter. Also think about bounce light. Every time light hits a surface, the light is scattered all over the place.

I also forgot to mention that such a sharp edge on the lightbeam is unrealistic. Look at how this works in real life.

Analyze some pictures from Rembrandt to get some ideas on how to solve light/shadow contrasts.

Good luck. Sorry for mentioning only the bad. Please don't get less motivated.

Always be critical to critique. Also, don't take it personally, only seriously.

Looking forward to more art from you^^

Marius Silaghi said...

Thanks for your advice, critique makes me more motivated to learn more stuff.
I will try to learn the most from my mistakes and follow your advice.
Rembrandt here I come:)

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