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Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi folks,

My name is Anton, I'm just another person inspired by Xia's tutorials :)
watched a lot of them, they are very helpful, thanks!
I was keeping an eye on this community as well, and I thought that people here might give me some good advices so that I can improve my drawing...
Here is my first post, a dragon drawing, feel free to criticize! ;)
PS: I'm pretty noob in painting, started learning like couple of months ago. But I guess I have a patience and desire to improve :)



Knuckles930 said...

Well let me be the first to welcome you here. If you need any help with stuff, just put up a question or mail me.

As for the critic, I think there are some here that are in a better position to do so than me. ;)

Marius Silaghi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marius Silaghi said...

Hi Anton :)

Well your perspective is kind off in drawing. A 3/4 view of the head would be better, because so it look unnatural rotated if you look at the neck, or if you fix the neck would solve the problem too. And a view form below would be more appropriated for many reasons.If you want to have your perspective correct in future drawing than you should learn perspective correctly, trust me perspective is not hard and it will help you express yourself in your drawings better.
Here is a free book I recommend by Andrew Loomis "Successful drawings", it will teach you to a certain degree perspective.

If you wanna read more about drawing in general go and see my comment on this post because I don't wanna repeat myself.
For now i think it's enough, there are many places where you need improvement, but the most important to learn is perspective.

Keep it up and hope to see more from you.

pokepetter said...

Welcome ^^

Where's the light source? I don't see it. 3/4 view is good if you're making an illustration, but in the case of a concept design. A front view can be good to have to support the profile view. The drawing is fine for a orthographic drawing. I'd like to see more from you in order to give better crit, as I don't know what the intention of this drawing is.

As Marius says, perspective is the most important. I'm not thinking of only linear perspective, but everything that gives the illusion of 3d.

Anton Puresev said...

thanks for your comments!

I agree that perspective is incorrect, mostly because of the neck... though I tried here to present frontal look perspective with shadows.. apparently didn't went good :)
of course, I don't underestimate the perspective, I will try to post something in 3/4, just need to make it rather finished...

as for light, it supposed to be at the right and a bit frontal, I guess I needed to use some more value on fangs.

thanks again, I will try to post something else soon ;)


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