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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Domina Hell (final)


Jan said...

Nice to see the finished piece. I like the colour scheme you chose - it works in my opinion. Keep it up!

chalian said...

Thank you "Jan"!!!
However there are some details to work again !

Jan said...

I got a question if you dont mind. You work on a scanned line-drawing right? Do you erase the actual drawing afterwards? It looks really clean with no trace of those scanned lines.

chalian said...

Hi Jan !
I've drawn the woman on a paper and I reproduced this drawing on photoshop (with my tablet). when the drawing seems to me correct I paint in shades of gray over the layer lines (layer "multiply"). If I am satisfied with shades I create a new layer on top,(layer "normal")to paint lines on the drawing.For color,I create a new layer on top (overlay).
Sorry for my english !!!
Go to this link:

Jan said...

Your english is fine, I get what you are saying. I'm still a novice on photoshop and I always have problems with lines because I work on the actual drawings. I'll definetely try something like this to see if I get better results. Thanks!

Jan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan said...

One more question. When you say you "reproduce" the drawing on your tablet. Do you mean you trace the lines from the original drawing?
Cheers for the link, was very helpful.

chalian said...

Hi Jan !
click on this link,this is my method for drawing on a sketch.
I hope I've explained well !
if you have another question do not hesitate !!!

Jan said...

Very cool Chalian, thanks. I saved your links into my photoshop reference bible, will come in handy =)

chalian said...

I'm glad you have some help, I hope to see your artwork soon !
you have a blog ?

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