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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey everyone, been a looooong time between
posts but here goes, did this in painter took
about 2 or 3 hours.Been looking at a Sargent's
painting Head of an Arab,this my version hope
you guys like it, and give me some feedback



Luca said...

hey there, sry for not giving feedback earlier. I hate it when I ask for feedback and dont get it, so I try not to do that with others :)

Overall I think you did a wonderful job. I suggest you to take care of what colors does the skin absorb... keep in mind that the skin doesn't have a fixed colour, it varies according to every person, place, surroundings, light etc... The structure seems good and you show you have a good understanding of what you're doing. One small thing that would really pop things out would to add some higher highlight on the top of the nose (but don't over do it!) and on the zygomatic arch.

Hope this is enough and that you find this info helpful.

Rich Seppala said...


thanks for the feedback, it helps to have objective critique. I'll keep your suggestions in mind, your right about adding some pop and highlight,
I didn't see that until now.

me9a7 said...

wow nice one Rich. well i think Luca has already suggest some good points here. so for my part i think you could also add a bit more details to the skin and cloths. a texture of sorts like the ones you did for the eye wrinkles, i like that detail there. the beard seems a bit flat compared to his mustache which seems to be more detail to it.

well basically i think you can focus more on his face then recede outward as it is less detailed, so some parts of the cloth may be detailed and some are not.

other than that you did a great job here, i like your color palette too :)

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