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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Vofff inspired me with that war painting. So here is my contribution. Hope ya like.


Octavian Bene said...

Very nice speed paint, Graham. Good expression on the soldier face and nice texture brush strokes.

Graham Knowles said...

Thank you Octavian. I started out trying to draw the full body, but the face started to look better so I just focused on that. Thanks again for the creative comment. Much appreciated.

Octavian Bene said...

Here is my answer for your questions, Graham. So, my blending and coloring method with smooth transition is simple, but painfully slow. :)

After the sketch is done, I create new layers in Normal mode. One for skin, one for clothes or objects, one for hair, and background.

For the skin I set a basic general color, 100% opacity. Same for the hair. If the hair is black, for example, I set the general color black. And I fill

the entire surface of skin with this basic color. It helpful if you have some color pallete.

After that I`ll never use 100% opacity for brushes. For an unfinished look I use 10-50 % opacity and 20-70 % flow. I constantly use the eyedroper tool by pressing Alt key and choosing a value or color.

For achieving a smooth transition of values, the trick is to reduce brush opacity and flow, and select a close value with eyedroper. For exercising this, choose a random colour, select a brush with 100% opacity and 100% flow, and then reduce these settings, making them smaller and smaller - and play in
this way by creating close values. The smaller the opacity of the brush color, the smoother and more transparent the trace of your brush is.

I also use a lot colour picker to choose colours, but the idea is to change constantly the opacity and the flow of your brush to achieve a transparent brush trace.

Graham Knowles said...

Thank you Octavian. That was extremely helpful. Now I know exactly why I have not been achieving the look I want. I am going to put your tips to use and let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Octavian Bene said...

I`m glad it was helpful, Graham. Everything you need is keep practicing and a little study of brush settings (opacity, flow, shape dynamic, scattering, spacing, etc). Merry Christmas.

Graham Knowles said...

Merry Christmas to you too. All the best.

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