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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lady with Sword

Having trouble fleshing this out. I have the look I want, but adding the value and having it look right challenging. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do next. Much appreciated. Thanks.


Knuckles930 said...

I like the movement. But I for anything else I think the others will be able to give some better comments.

mohit said...

the action is good.but u have to devote more time on it. do some live posing and do some quick sketches from life.that will help to make ur proportions and anatomy.the one u have fleshed will be more appealing if u do some sketching. tell ur friends to give some long term poses,it will thing is that it will take time. once u got that, things will move accordingly.u can also take reference from comic books and movies.keep practising all the time. best of luck.

Luca said...

Mohit explained you well and that advice is really precious - take it!
Regarding this drawing, if you want to take it further, I suggest you to start removing all these broken lines and start making the lines more tight together and solid. As it is right now, it has a lot of lines that distract your creativity from doing the right things - so remove all the unecessary lines. Do this for now and make some good clean lines, then if you still have problems, post the new drawing and we'll be glad to help you!

Good luck.

dahaca6022 said...

You can use a reference of a similar pose.Set yourself a light source where the light comes from.Don't EVER judge the scribbles .They lead to great ideas.If you don't have money to go to life-drawing sessions,draw from digital photos or make family/friends pose for you(it's quite fun really.

Graham Knowles said...

Thanks Knuckles, mohit, Luca and dahaca. Your advice is much appreciated and will be followed up on. I'll work on this and post the finished product so I can get some more feed back. Thanks again.

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