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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Done Recently

No hard lines in this one but you can see what I was talking about in my last post about muddy colors between the dark area and the background. I did this with 2 layers... Using the tracing paper feature, I traced a photo then after painting I deleted my line drawing layer.

I guess my biggest problem is keeping the edges sharp during the smoothing/blending stage. Once again, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Deakon Smith said...

Sorry if the pictures I'm posting are too big. (You have to click this one to see the whole thing.) I'm using the "small" option but they are still showing up huge compared to the other posts I see here. Sorry I'm such a noob.

mohit said...

hey great is painted very well.keep it up.

Gibbo said...

nice lighting dude yeah edge is god depending what effect you want and what style aswell, but sometimes soft is a nice style aswell

XIA said...

For muddy color, it usually cause by low opacity and paint at the same area over and over (same can happen in oil if your paint is not thick enough in the final). To solve it, decide where you will place the paint with 100% opacity then you will have a clean solid color, then decide where to have soft edge, don't blend all or soften it over the place. Good job for capturing the mood.
Also in PS you can use color balance to changes your hue and such. Sometimes muddy is fine as long as it has the essential values.
Keep it up. :)

Deakon Smith said...

Guess I'm gonna hafta break down and buy PS.

mohit said...

smith> which software u have used.

Deakon Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deakon Smith said...

I'm using Corel Painter X and Corel Paint Shop Pro X.

mohit said...


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