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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hello again!

heres a scenery with a couple watching the sunset with 2 moons at the background lol  i'm weird like that ;) just sharing a fantasy world i imagine in my crazy head. ^^ 


Nick Fechter said...

Cool atmosphere! I miss your artwork on this blog man, were've ya' been?

Anton said...

great colors and mood!

PS: it looks like they don't suffer from acrophobia :)

me9a7 said...

Thanks man glad you like it. well i was kind of occupied with other things so i did not do digital art that much lol, but well i'm back :)

Thanks man :) and they actually didn't realize its a cavern down there cause they are too busy looking at the 2 moons lol

Drasinnja De Sade said...

Amazing, can I just ask for some tips,

You know how everything on the foreground is solid and as it fades, the colour goes, it gives it that haze effect, the colour loss - kinda thing? If you know what I mean? like with the trees for example - how exactly do you paint that? It's lovely, gives it an atmosphere/texture, is there a general rule for it or anything?

Any tips would be great, thanks.

solomonsta said...


me9a7 said...


hi there! yup i know what you mean, it's actually a play on values which i learned a lot from Xia here ->

Usually anything closer to us looks sharper and darker compared to the background which is lighter, but it also depends on our lighting. As for the trees, it's a mix of me painting and use of brush, but i make sure that i pick (using color picker in PS) the same color for the trees from the background, so it blends well and the values are the same. i'm not sure of a general rule or anything like that lol i'm still learning myself ;) but i think in terms of values, never pick a value from the foreground and mix it at the background or vice versa, that will totally mess our values.

Well thanks for your comments too, glad you like it :)

Thanks! glad you like it :)

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