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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long time no post!

Hey, it's been a while to post here, so here are some of the recent work I did for those who don't follow my blog. Also I'm really glad lot's of new artists joined by around here...



manit said...

awesome are improving a the way you haven't completed colouring of 1st draw them and specially hand because hand is very important.good luck.

mohit said...

great job.keep it up.

manit said...

luca> well i do want to ask you that how i am doing in my i repeatedly doing same thing.i dont know what is the next step.please help would be very nice of you.(other suggestions are appreciated)

Octavian Bene said...

very good works, Luca! good job.

Luca said...

Mohit> thank you!

Manit> Sure I can help you! Well man, I have seen your previous post. The drawings definitely cannot be called bad, but you have to push the skill further... how? By practicing more and studying harder. Get a copy of Bridgeman Anatomy book and do as much studies as possible. Also try getting away for the confort zone. What I mean is try different mediums (such as charcoal/ pens), or harder poses. Get some objects and do some quick life-drawing studies. Practice value. Ask your self why this looks like this and why this does not- observe.

If you have any questions or problems, email me, I'll do my best to help anyone who wants.

Octavian Bene> thank you, glad you like them.

vofff said...

Maybe it is time to choose what u want to be improved. Character design or environment or vehicle etc. If u want to become pro.

manit said...

thanks luca.i will definetely practice more.

Luca said...

Voff > you're right bro... it's quite hard but you know, as Xia does, he just practices with character concepts, environments, cartoons, manga.... Xia is definitely a point of reference so that's why i try to be as versitile as possible.

Gibbo said...

your images are quite good the compositions are great such as the plane one, but with all of them it still feels unfinished like its possible to go further, i have the same problem that you have i get to a piont and i dont know how to go foward, in my head im thinking why doesnt it look like xias work lol... good luck with that ill be practicing hard aswell.

Luca said...

Gibbo> yeah bro, I get that sensation. I know artists who literally do scribble work but yet it looks more awesome then my paintings. I am really working hard to do so. They're able to capture awesomeness quick.

Well hard study and practice i might say is the only solution.

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