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Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Started in Colour?

Hey guys, First of all - sorry I kind of disappeared, I had an external project in university to make a game and I was also away on holiday...

I’ve been studying value and painting in greyscale for a while now – but I really want to start to paint in colour…

Thing is, I’m attached to my greyscale drawings and I’m too scared to start colour because when I do start it just looks awful and not the same.

Is there any tutorials or tips for starting to paint in colour – what I want to achieve is something that is coherent with the rest of the picture – such as if it was a dark place dark colours, or a red kinda firey themed picture, reflected colour, choosing your palette etc – if that makes sense?

Something like this (just a quick example I grabbed)

Could someone please link me to any of Xia's tutorials that explain painting in colour well? I'd prefer to be linked to!!!




Nick Fechter said...

Dude, just jump in.

You shouldn't fret over whether you'll make an excellent painting or that it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, because if this is your first time, then I GUARENTEE that it's not going to be some top notch professional painting, but that's okay, because it doesn't matter. NOTHING you ever do in art will be bad, because every drawing or painting that you do is just another step closer to releasing your full potential. So instead of scouring the internet for some holy grail tutorial that will magically endow you with incredible skill, go ahead and try out your ideas for yourself, and do it the way YOU think is right. Because if you do it that way, instead of a way that someone else thought of, you will have a learning experience greater than any hot-shot tutorial could ever teach you.

I look forward to your painting, and I'll bet that it'll turn out better than you expect.

Have A Good One,
Nick Fechter

mohit said...

i am going with nick. try many times& u will get it.just a matter of time.

XIA said...

Agree with Nick. The image you refer to in your link is mostly MONOchromatic. You could start off using base color that is somewhat earth tone like in the image in your link sample. Once you comfortable with mono, then you can start introducing the second color.


me9a7 said...

yup i agree with nick too, having tutorials or tips are just guides to the door, but you have to walk through it, and thats the experience only you can have for yourself which is an adventure that you'll find worthwhile :)

so go for it Drasinnja! unleash your abilities ;)

Luca said...

Just don't be afraid of ruining the piece cause we're working in digital, and we can either go back or make multiple copies!

Just one thing I've learned in the long run is the when you start greyscale, just don't go to blacks and whites but keep in the middle grey. What I mean by this is that when you're going to add color using Multiply, Overlay, Softlight and other layers, the color will go even darker/lighter and it may not look as you want. This image is quite good as blk/wht, so what you might do is to lower it's darks by pressing CTRL+U (Hue&Saturation) and lower the Lightness. This way blacks will look lighter but it will allow you to add color more easily... Just try it out and see what you'll get. this is my technique, I hope it'll help you!


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