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Friday, September 4, 2009

Future train station

I feel a little bit rusty. Havent done mattepainting for a while now. I do better keep it warm again.
Here is a fifth element mood combining with classic modern train. Have a great weekend guys^^


Luca said...

Nice one voff. Happy weekend as well (though it would be a better weekend if I'd be in America to go and meet my favorite arenanet artists at the Pax. :(

Well that's life...

me9a7 said...

wow cool! now i'm curious about the world you have in mind ;)

manit said...

jawdropping work.keep it up.

mohit said...

great great work. keep it up.

mohit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pokepetter said...

I think it's better to call it a painting where you utilized photography. Though photomanipualtion is often used in matte painting, if it's a matte painting or not is defined by how the picture is being used. It's just that it's good as a speedpainting, but really bad as a matte painting.

Drasinnja De Sade said...

I love your stuff, very quirky and it really does have a style.

Can I just ask, is there some photo manipulation on here? Like the board on the right side of the wall...

I like your strokes, usually with art I de construct it - how it is done etc.

But some of your strokes are really weird, in a good way of course! Are you using the heal brush tool or something? Because that's the only time I've seen such an effect.

Kudos for using it in a creative manner!

vofff said...

Pokepetter it looks like speedpaint but dunno if I can call it when I have spent almost 3hours.

Luca one day I am sure you will meet them. Maybe they will meet you if you are good enough in future^^

Drasinnja De Sade it doesnt matter how I use them in different ways when I paint. Sometimes for fun I use leventeps type and sometimes I use other style for speedpaints. But this paint I took one of my photos and manipulate it and changed the persp and lighting. And then painted on the picture with custom brushes which I am lazy^^

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