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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oil Painting

As of late, I've been doing ALOT of traditional work (mainly figure drawing and some painting) and haven't really been able to get into digital because of school, but hopefully now I'll be able to post some digital AND traditional works periodically (but I'm going to have to try and find a scanner that doesn't suck so much ass like mine does). This one is a 5 by 5 inch Oil Painting that took two hours, so anybody who nows more about traditional techniques PLEASE TELL ME.

Have a Good One,
Nick Fechter


Luca said...

I still recommend you to have a more solid drawing. Keep in mind that paint on a bad line drawing won't make miracles. The silhouette doesn't work that much on this one, and one last thing is proportions.

Regarding to technique, I like to go from dark to light as I get that feeling of sculpting the image, but not go to the darkest dark straight away. Good luck on your next one!

Guybell said...

Nick, Google "Andrew Loomis pdf". There are around 6 books free for download that cover all aspects of traditional illustration. Are you currently in an Art school?

mohit said...

hey good work nick.this is ur 1st time so that is ok.anything in the beginning takes time. i think u should work out more on it.try to see more work of artists on net so u will get idea about the medium and the quality.u were right about my last did tilted a bit.

manit said...

well yes! i can help you.i suggest"figure drawing without a model" by ron will get pdf file on type "figure drawing without a model".best of luck.

manit said...

besides book name figure drawing using model is necessary.

pokepetter said...

Tips: Use under paining, either draw first or be careful with where you lay strokes. And use reference. Use a bigger brush. About the size of house painting brushes. around 50mm, depends on how big the canvas is.

Nick Fechter said...

Thanks everyone for your links and good advice, I don't know what I'd do without you guys :)

As for Guy's question, HA! I wish! I'm still in high school, which means I'm still requried to take my core academics (plus community service) in order to graduate. But don't worry, I'm taking alot of talented art classes so I'm still getting a lot of drawing done.

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