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Friday, August 28, 2009

More Oils

Here's another 5 in. by 5 in. All this is prepatory work for a contest I'm entering, so expect to see alot these in the near future. The other one is just a doodle I did while doing my homework :P

-Nick Fechter


Guybell said...

Nick, that top sketch has a total disregard for anatomy and art supplies. Seriously, Man, get some paper.

Guybell said...

Also, I think you should consider adding neck and shoulders to your oil portraits. You are killing your negative space with the heads just floating.

Nick Fechter said...

I know, that's why I said it was just a notebook doodle that I did with a ball-point. It managed get a few good laughs from my friends so I decided to post it just for fun.

Luca said...

Nick, as Guybell told you, you should put some shoulders in the head drawings, cos you just make it less appealing like this. Get youreslf some Bridgman book they will truly change your point of view on the human body tust me! ;)

If you see any improvement in my character paintings that's because I started making studies and studying it! Good luck mate!

Guybell said...

Yeah, the Bridgeman books are cheap as hell and when you read almost any successful Artist's bio, they'll refer to them.
Also, if you check out Penny Arcade forums under Artists Corner there are some amazing people doing figure studies.
It looks like you are planning to focus more on cartooning as a career so I would download the Loomis book "Fun with a Pencil" . And I've said this a couple of times already but for cartooning and inking Manga Studio Deluxe can't be beat for a program to use.

Nick Fechter said...

Okay, I'll check out that stuff. Thanks for your suggestions.

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