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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can I stop greyscale? / Watch your strokes!

Right I'm going to attempt to do a double episode here in the one post:

First of all - I've been studying value and grey-scale, but I am starting to get bored and I really want to go into colour - but not until I have the hang of value. What do you think?

I am just so desperate to start in colour but so scared/nervous - are there any good tutorials for starting our in colour? :)

Also, brush strokes - which one is "better"? Top or bottom?

The bottom copy is my first one but then I read from an artist that you should work in big brushes, big strokes with value ( As you can see in this picture here:

So, ive tried to do this with the top potrait - does anyone have any tips to achieve that kind of effect? I really like it...

Anyway enough angst. World! Show me colour!!


Nick Fechter said...

These are nice experiments, and I believe that the bottom one has better value, since it has more of a shape and form to it. I wish I could help you out more, but I'm a SketchPro user and have never used Adobe.

Oh, and sorry about my little misunderstanding about your earlier post. I'm still relatively new to this blog and haven't really gotten to know everyone's skill levels.

Hope the color thing works out.

-Nick Fechter

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

u really just have to jump in to it try and fail try and fail and try again :) but ur Gray scales are pretty nice try throwing down some colors down and working with the opacity tools, dodge, and sponge tools :)

Neovirtu said...

Nick: Thanks alot for your comment - don't worry about it. I hope it works out too!

MESMURDA: Heh, I know - this is my problem - I don't jump and fail - I don't dare to dare...whether it is painting, drawing, music, fashion etc...

I really like the style attached, hopefully someone might give a little insight more!


☢MESMURDA☢ said...

okay more insite... when i work with color and im not the best obviously but i work dark to light in shades like when u do skin i work with a medium and fill it all when with that color then work with a darker shade on really light opactiy... fill in the areas i want to be shaded then once i think im ready to throw down the lighter colors with even less opacity........

and my sure u work in layers on photoshop... so if u f that layer up u can just manipulate that layer... or delete etc...

Luca said...

Personally, I suggest you to keep on having a priority on values, but no one prohibits you from experimenting with colours. Normally I add colors using various layes styles. you have to give the overall compostion an atmosphere. I suggest you to read some color theory from Xia. he explains very well. Here you go:

These should solve your problems... but keep in mind that you only You have to apply what you know! Keep practicing.


Neovirtu said...

Thanks for the tips Mes - at university, I was told not to lay down darker shades of the same colour! I guess everyone has their own techniques..

Thanks Luca, as always for providing me with links =)

I will read this! At school we were also taught to use reflecting colours or opposition colours for darker areas...

I'd like to know about painting edges and soft light etc...

Thanks again.

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

well ya see ive never had any training haha :P so i just do the try and fail try and fail thing and going mid then dark the light seems to work :)

Neovirtu said...

Yeah - I saw your last stuff Mes, I liked it = the method seems to work for you, never works for me! *lol*


☢MESMURDA☢ said...

haha dude trust me though i draw some much haha work paint in CS4 and sleep thats about it... haha and trust me i fail alot more than i succeed... i just only post the ones i think i succeeded in haha :P

Neovirtu said...

Hahah - have you got any other works then linked else where? I'd be interested.

Also, there is no fail, only early attempts at success ;))


☢MESMURDA☢ said...

oh yea dude haha ive got so much art out the arse dude haha my facebook is

John Mesplay

and my myspace is

most be just call me mes

and i added the MURDA

so MESMURDA john MES play mesplay


yet it nicknames who knows :P

Neovirtu said...

Added! :D

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