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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blue Man SpeedPaint Step By Step

Hi everybody, I'll start off saying that I'm sorry for snubbing any of you who commented on my last post. Technology has been a real bitch to me these past few days, giving me a good deal of frustration. I'd also like to point out that I'm not a Satanist nor a member of the Black Church, they wouldn't except my application (kidding! :D)
While being in this nasty mood, I remembered a while ago on this blog Luca asked me if I would do a Step by Step, and today I've finally decided to take him up on his offer. This is a little speedpaint that took about an hour to paint and assemble, and with the little camera tool I was able to take screenshots of the various layers that I used.
I hope you find this insightful.
-Nick Fechter


☢MESMURDA☢ said...

dude first of all nice sept by self and second holly crap this is one ugly blue dude haha

and i should let u "use my "photoshop"

if u want... lemme know e-mail or addme on facebook or something cause i have no idea wtf program ur using there... :P

Drasinnja De Sade said...

This is one ugly creature haha - it's scary..

That's pretty damn impressive for an hour...

I used to use Sketchbook pro, I loved it for sketching, much better than Photoshop... for painting. Not so much.

But I understand if you're doing comic art - or cartoon "cel shade" it's pretty good for that =)

Guybell said...

Nick, download artrage. Sketchbook Pro is meant for just that...sketching and layout drawings. I think artrage is free and I'm sure that you'll find it a great addition to sketchbook pro.

Nick Fechter said...

Mesmurda> Thanks, I've finally decided that what I've just painted is a smurf injected with bovine growth hormone, I think that makes sense. I used a cool bit of software called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010, a GREAT program that I'm just in love with that I recommend you buy (don't worry, it's only $100).

Drasinnja De Sade...or should I say, NEOVIRTU!!!!?> Thanks also, trust me I would LOVE to buy photoshop, but alas, I'm not as financially abundant as I want to be >:P

Guybell> I've always heard about Artrage, but never got around to downloading it. I'll deffinetly check it out since you've recommended it.

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