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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is your daily drawing routine?

For those who are seriously into drawing and want to get better - I presume you guys draw daily, everyday perhaps?

If so... what is your drawing routine for improvement?

I know Xia said three hours a day ...and a life drawing session or two...

Recently, I've been doing random sketches and using drawings and references from other books...

I've been having fun...

But now I'm stuck - what do I draw, next - what should I be drawing? How long? I don't want to start a big piece of art work - but rather something small but effective.

I didn't want to post without a picture so...

Here's a picture I did while sitting in bed, 30 minutes!


Nick Fechter said...

Well I'm glad you asked Neo.

My drawing routine basically starts at midday (after I've had something to eat :P) and I go on from there, ending the day by just doodling in my sketch book. I now what'cha mean by not being inspired to draw anything. I solved this problem by joining a bunch of art blogs (like Sugar Frosted Goodness and Monday Artday) that have weekly contests and themes that keep me busy and creatively inspired, and when I don't have themes or anything I can work on I then work on improving myself in areas in art that I consider myself to lack in (namely, anatomy). Normally I would encourage you to try doing something big that envolves more than one medium, but If you want to do something small then keep doodling. If you're afraid that if you start something ambitious and fail, then that's okay (you learn alot more from your mistakes) it's the JOURNEY that counts, not the destination. Your drawing proves that you deffinetly have talent, and should strive to push your self beyond your comfort zone. Oh, and remember:


Have a good one,
Nick Fechter

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

well for us people that have to work and go to college (commercial graphics and art)and dont get much time do do the things they love AE drawing period... or play star craft ;) we have to find time! that is wake ur arse sup early... stay up late or find a job like mine that u can at least dooootel at work ;)

so basically as long as your drawing and finding people that are "better that you" AE. Xia and learning and using there techniques and approaches along with some of your own u will get better ;)

Luca said...

Neo this is a good question. All artists pass from this period just like everyone from puberty! :)
My daily drawing routine is that I am studying anatomy really hard as a main thing these last couple of months. I do like 3-5 anatomical drawings every day; sometimes even more. That is something I Need to do in order to expand my knowledge. When I'm on the pc, I try to make something a bit different with Photoshop (like some environments). Also I browse on the web and find awesome artists that have built their own name - and learn from their work. There are so many out there.

Also when you get stuck there are various ways to get out. I can't tell you your way, but I can suggest you things I normally do. Go and watch a movie at the cinema or rent some great dvd's and watch them at home. I like to keep some sheets of paper next to me so that I can sketch something quick. Also it's a good way to read a book. Try to read some novel and then create the characters or scenes yourself. It's a great way to have fun.

One last thing that a great artist once told me (he's a colleague of Xia)- try not to draw characters that already exist. You won't be discovering anything new with them. Work out your imagination and draw some creatures.

Hope this made some sense.


Neovirtu said...

Hey Nick, thanks for the advice - looking through your blog, you seemed to have improved a lot -

I am Computer Arts student, I am not a noobie in drawing! It's my skill..

I experiment in Photoshop, Flash, 3D etc for my course ...

My course is aimed at game art... but I've always done digital but never have I been a traditional person, and my skills are lacking because I am not good at traditional... but thanks for your advice. I am scared to make mistakes, I want everything to be perfect..

Hey MESMURDA - I am busy too! I have two jobs, my university and also, I work with fashion and music, so if I am not drawing, I am making clothes, if not that - I am trying to record music for an EP!

Very busy busy - I can't concentrate on all at once!

Hello Luca! (again)

It's very easy to find inspiration for me... however, I want to draw things that will help me get better, I need practice on anatomy and shading so maybe I should stick to that but I also want to finish something, have a complete piece of work...rather than a half finished drawing or painting!

I just want to get better - but I also want to do a piece of art that won't be a mistake!

Thanks again

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

holly crap dude u must get hella stressed haha :P

Neovirtu said...


I will commit suicide soon - I am nearly dead! I just finshed a modern art project for an exhibiton, in Gallery of Modern Art in Scotland - also, I am starting a new application/project for an exhibtion - in Japan, Yokohama, this is modern art too! I only have a few days for the deadline...I am very busy and stressed! :(

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