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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sketched in Sketchbook Pro and some work in PS and Painter


Nick Fechter said...

Sweet and sexy. I'm also glad that you use Sketch Pro, which is what I use (for sketchs AND coloring, since I CANNOT AFFORD PS OR COREL!)

Guybell said...

Sketchbook Pro is a fantastic program. I think I've tried every paint program out there and nothing comes close to Sketch for a realistic pencil.
As far as affording PS, I use PS Elements. It runs faster on my computer and you can just beef it up with free brushes and plug-ins. The full version of PS is nice but I'm not paying that much for a program and I don't support the buying of "copied" software. Download the trial version of Elements and I'm sure you'll find that it will give you everything you need.

Luca said...

Nice work, her nose is really well renderd. I tried Sketchbook Pro once but it took no commands from my Stylus pen and Tablet where the mouse moved but when I pressed no ink came out. Just what happens with GIMP. I got the latest version of it and it did the same thing! :(
I got ArtRage which is really cool as well and the interface is more easy and confortable. Still I love Photoshop, I don't think I'll never change it as my default prog.
If anyone of you guys can help me out with the Gimp problem, please tell me. I got Trust Tablet ( )

Thanks, and well done Guybell, keep posting!

Guybell said...

I'm not familiar with the Trust Tablet but it sounds like more of a problem with the Tablet's driver than with Gimp. Have you tried downloading other drivers?
Glad to hear you use Gimp. Have you tried inkscape? (freeware).
Also, if you are into inking comics or illustrations, Manga Studio Debut is awesome. It gives you a brush line like a series 7 Windsor.

Luca said...

Guybell> Yeah bro, it could be the driver since I had the old Gimp version and then got the latest and the problem was still there...
Regarding Manga Studio, I have it but I removed it since I hardly use it. It's a cool program though, it has TONS of templates to choose from. I enjoy experimenting with different softwares, but till now photoshop and sometimes Painter X are the ones I use.


Nick Fechter said...

Wow, really!? Thanks for telling me this Guy, I'm deffinetly going to check it out! :)

XIA said...


manit said...

excellent sketch.

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