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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New and Improved Self Portrait

This is what I look like :D
Maybe you guys should consider making self-portraits, it'd be cool to find out what you look like too.


Luca said...

That's cool of you bro! Long ago before you joined the community, we spoke about this matter of showing who we are. We concluded that there are people who like to reserve their personality and their appearance, and we should respect everyone's opinion. Maybe Pokepetter, Chris and Knuckles930 remember it well, right guys :)
Anyways, cool painting, keep up the good work.

dahaca6022 said...

As Luca said the painting is very good!Bravo!I am not sure if I should draw an auto portrait.I am not that good and i am still studying head features.I might end up drawing something evil.Even digitally.:D

pokepetter said...

Very good! Did you use photo ref or did you look in a mirror?

Nick Fechter said...

Luca> Really? I had no idea. Well if you don't want to do it, then that's okay with me. Thanks for the comment by the way :)

dahaca6022> Thanks! Maybe when you feel good and ready, you can give it a shot some time.

pokepetter> Thanks also! I used a photo that was taken at a friend's house with an iPhone. I don't actually have a mirror small enough for me to use :P

XIA said...

Brother NICK, I really like how you utilize values and colors and such to create the realistic painting. Keep practicing with ref then once in a while try to apply it to your concept. Think analytically when apply concept art. I think you are improving really fast.
Keep them coming and paint every day...Cheers!

Nick Fechter said...

Thankyou Xia, I'm still trying to adhere to your 5 tips on becoming a better artist :)

☢MESMURDA☢ said...

this is outstanding....

Nick Fechter said...

Thankyou mesmurda :)

manit said...

this one is cool dude.keep it up.thanks for your comment.

Nick Fechter said...

Thanks Manit, and your welcome :)

manit said...

hello!nick,this is manit again.i just want to ask you how and what are the basics(like perspective,anatomy) you have much time you have spent with pencil and colours and after what stage you have started on photoshop.

Nick Fechter said...

Well manit, to be honest I started on Photoshop pretty early. I have done some artwork through traditional means at the beginning (ink, arcylics, etc.), but mainly everything I've been doing has been digital. Ask for my thoughts on anatomy and perspective, my best advice would be to study the artwork of you favorite artists. One of the most important things you can ask yourself when looking at a piece art is "how did he do that?" and try your best to mimick what he or she did. Photo ref can also be a great way to learn about anatomy and perspective, so don't be afraid to use it. You should listen to Guybell when he said on your latest post that mastering your traditional mediums first will make you a better artist down the road, because he's right. Anywhoos, I'd deffinetly say thay your on the right track, and remember, the best thing you can do to improve yourself is to DRAW EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS.

Have good one,
Nick Fechter

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