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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Angry Ape

A sketch I did in a couple of hours...

As always not satisfied with my art!


Neocene said...

someone give that monkey a banana quick! Hopefully it will clam it down. Very nicely done, it could use some brighter colors in some areas. That will prevent it from getting a little muddy in some areas.

Nick Fechter said...

I know what you mean by "I'm not satisfied with my art". But I guess all artists have that problem with their own creations, I know I certainly do. But I still remember when XIA said "it's about the journey, not the destination" on that artist's tips post on his website, and believe me when I say that by judging the quality of your art, you're deffinetly close to achieving your desired skill level.

You should work on it some more like Neocene said, it's never impossible to save a drawing.

XIA said...

I am so proud of you brother! Have you ever compare your work from 3 months ago and six months ago and the first time you ever join You should pick one piece for each time frames (3 months apart) and make a post about your progression. Now that will encourage any new people to work/study as hard as you do.

XIA said...

Nick Fechter> that's right...the journey! And good artist will always try to find the way to improve his's never finish, just abandon!

Luca said...

Neocene>You're right! I'll give it one now! :)

Nick Fechter> Thanks for reminding me Xia's "Golden" words... Regarding my skill I really hope so. I try to compare myself with the top in the subject matter and do my best to get where I want.

Xia> Brother, I'm REALLY happy to hear this from you. These kind of words really motivate me to draw more and more. I will try to frame my artwork from the early days as you said and post them here on the community next time. Xia, you must know that ever since I came across this blog, my life changed and I said to myself that I want to get "this" good (intended to your artwork). Ever since then, I am really strugling hard and putting 200% effort in my work. Then thanks to you I started to know about your great colleagues like Daniel, Doug, Kekai and Jason who are truly kickass artists! I really admire all 5 of you!
I really am getting where I am thanks to your tips and feedback. Big bow from me to you Xia. Thanks also for the great team we're here in this community! Cheers

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