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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quicky one - Female Fighter

Here is a quick sketch I did today... I want to minimize the time and give a good concept! Any good tips (especially from concept artists) are more then welcome! The harderst thing is to establish the right value (drawing the character doesn't take me that much).



Neocene said...

Hey there. first of all nice figure. she has a lot of attitude to her and that makes for a believeable figure. The one thing throwing me off are her eyes, they looked painted on and really flat. That is really killing the piece. When drawing eyes you have to remember that they are 3-D and not flat. Adding a bit of highlights over the lid and beneath would really like add some depth to them

pokepetter said...

The figure looks very 3D, but the eyes looks flat. The face is the worst in there I believe.
look at eye page

I wish you good luck on your next piece. I know it will be even better. It's not that this one's bad though. Hurry up and you can work on GW2 expansion hehe. :)

Luca said...

Neocene> Yep mate... you're totally right!

Pokepetter> As Neocene, totally agree... thanks for the pdf (saved a copy of it!) and regarding to GW2, I WISH SO! It would be my dream... by the way, I'm already working on another face! :)

I really appreciate when you people judge my art... I really thank you! -Peace-

solomonsta said...

tones seem fine dude
but like neocene n pokepetter suggested, the eyes do need work..
and i feel that the distance from her stomach to her crotch is a bit too long...
doesn't seem natural to me...

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