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Friday, April 17, 2009

hey my first post here :)

well these are some fast sketches i came up with
hope its good


dahaca6022 said...

This is beyond sketching!!!

solomonsta said...

used a hard brush wit d opacity a bit down.
getting some really nice output from it.

GalGo! said...

Nice dude... I like the "face" on the first image and the light effect on the second...

I hope that i improve with lights... some day xDD


solomonsta said...

hey thanks man
its sorta easy 1ce u get d hang o it

dahaca6022 said...

What kind of dialect is that?

Knuckles930 said...

He he, well its an international community, guess we have all kinda stuff passing. :)

dahaca6022 said...

In our country no one speaks English.This is the most strange English I've ever seen.Makes me think i am living in a cave. :)

solomonsta said...

messaging english
will type it out right next time around

solomonsta said...

i'm really so used to sending out mobile sms'
sorry again

GalGo! said...

srry for my english T.T I need improve it too...

solomonsta said...

i think your english is fine,
i can understand what you are saying.

Akyo said...

where does he speak?? how do you understand what he says?? :)

solomonsta said...

the 3rd comment.
scroll up'

pokepetter said...

You should add ground and shadow. May look like they're floating.

solomonsta said...

agree with you there.
will add the shadows ASAP
thank you

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