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Friday, April 3, 2009


Bueno, es la unica pose que “domino”, lo subi para mostrar un poco la evolucion en el trazo. Nótense el detalle del cabello y de los ojos. Para lo del cabello pase varias veces el pincel en tres tonos de marrón, despues pase una franja blanca y le di el efecto de cabello con la herramienta dedo. Para los ojos, utilice un tono de marrón, despues aplique la herramienta de sobreexposición, y luego le di el tonito blanco.
Pero ¿Quien es Bijain? Nada mas y nada menos que el jefe de los portadores de las esferas de Caos (Sogetsu, Kasuki y Alliance). Fue el primero en despertar el espiritu de las esferas.
Su mision primordial es proteger y velar por el descanso de Caos y el de buscar a los seres capaces de despertar los dragones de las esferas, hasta el momento solo ha encontrado a Sogetsu y Kasuki, aunque por mandato de Caos, este le otorgo la esfera de dos estrellas a Alliance el saiyajin. Mas info proximamente


dahaca6022 said...

Very Cool!

Knuckles930 said...

Nice, only one thing. This community is mostly consisting of at least capable English typing people, although not all native.

This post, well most of us wont be able to make any sense out of this.

I'm certain that you post to get the most out of the critics etc. But if we can't follow the story behind the piece, it becomes hard to really pin point the right critic.

Now I can understand that some might have a problem with English when your not native, typing with error's doesn't really matter as long as we can still get a general idea from it. Or even if you can't, maybe try a translator site like Babelfish.

Knuckles930 said...

Of course I should add that everyone may present them self the way they want (withing social acceptable terms). But it you really want to get the most out of posting here, putting some information we can understand will get you more.

elhazardmx said...

Tnanks for your soport, excuse me for my spanish ,is just that i wanna publish my work faster and forgot make my comentary in english.

Sorry n cya!

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