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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Traditional Work... no digital!

Hi everyone, as I said a couple of days ago I've been working more paper rather then digital... so I will be posting this week some of the work done.

Here is something to start with:

1. This was done with traditional ink. Just two values, black and white. No mid-tones.

2. These are kind of undead, or humanoids (or whatever anyone can call them!)

3. This is what I'm currently working on these days... it's still unfinished but I thaught you might give it a look! (p.s.- this one is not completely from my imagination)

Feel free to tell me what you think ok! It's really important for me to get feed back!

--More to come--



Knuckles930 said...

Nice, specially the 2nd one is awesome.

Bor said...

Personally I like the last one best. Especially the character in the background. He looks like some kind of kingpin.

Reminded me a bit of the bad guy from bikermice from mars, don't ask why xD

As for the character in the foreground, his left arm (viewer's left) is up a bit to high, and should be moved back a bit more behind his body also, in other words more to the right.

(When you're working with these type of characters, which aren't really based on real proportions, still try to make it seem believable, I think that's the key.)

Luca said...

Thanks Knuckles930!

Bor I appreciate it! You're right, in fact that's the hard thing that you have to make unreal characters but still make them believable and realistic as possible!

Guys will wait for your comments on my next post! ... :)

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