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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mambo fanart during hi-school math

After dahaca6022 was mentioning drawing during math, I couldn't
avoid remembering the time I was drawing during math.

During the last year I managed to fill an A4 size paper with
1x1cm drawings of what I named "Mambo Factories"*.

Not to inspire you to start doing the same, but I thought you
all might like it.

* Mambo is (or was, havened seen much from them for years) a
I think best called Surf brand from Australia. Kinda like
BillaBong and Quicksilver etc.


dahaca6022 said...

You did this?!WOA! Very awesome also the shadows on every one and each of them!But why factories?Did you see the dino robot i posted?

Knuckles930 said...

For some reason I liked the simplicity of the factory, the lines for the windows and the way the smoke is done. They do have a lot of more things, but there hard to find online it seems. Even in the stores there stuff is rare.

And jah seen your post on the robot dino. I also noticed you named a character from a comic you work on?
Mind posting some of that, would like to see how you handle such.

XIA said...

This is MADNESS!!!
I am already exhausted looking at these.

dahaca6022 said...

Ok.The DUDE is a Droid for Utterly Destruction of Enemies.There is a man with a helmet named Florence and James the guy with spiky hair(like Yu gi oh)I will post some of it

Knuckles930 said...

Ah looking at this reminds me of more than just wasting time during Math.

The teacher said that if you would get a poor grade at his class, you would also during exams. (I don't think I need to explain more I assume)

But after the exams I got about double the grade than I had during his class.

When he passed by in the hallway when we came back after the exams to pick some stuff up, he didn't even looked at me, so jah good stuff!

Luca said...

Real madness! :D

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