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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Environmental Love

Hello everyone, long time since I posted! I was really thinking either to post or not, since last posts I did, I had no comments, but I love this community :)
Anyways, I have noticed also that here we're growing pretty fast! That's a good sign...

What I did is another environmental painting, this time I wanted to give it an impression of a Chinese Painting. Here it is:



Knuckles930 said...

Looks nice. For the Chinese style, your good on the way, but there are a lot of different dynasties with there own style. I've seen a fair share of such, but I can't jet seem to place a tag on your style.

Anyway looks nice. But this the brown sky, starting with a brown canvas would be more like the original style. Than again the whole would be more flattened and more spacious setup.

As for the commenting, well we are a good growing community and a lot of people here are new. Some might not see anything to comment on or other might rather leave it.

For me I comment when something really stands out, but in general there are others, like your self who seem to have a better eye for things. Like perspective and values etc.

dahaca6022 said...

Wow!Did you write 'love' in the bottom right corner?!Pretty awesome!!
I envy you so much!Such skill,life and feeling!!!I shall never be as good as you if I didn't have to go school.

Agostino said...

great work!!!
are you italian?

Knuckles930 said...

Of course one can become good, as long as you put the effort in it. If you would invest most of your spare time in getting better (and in some cases also during classes, I can tell from experience) sure you will reach the desired level of skill.

Luca said...

Knuckles930> Yeah brother you're right... there are a lot of different dynasties that will have their own different style... as you noticed I didn't start with a brown canvas (it was light grey) as I was sketching around. Sometimes the more I prepare and plan the worse the drawing get. I have a great number of Good drawings on the common prining paper. Many of my heavy-weight sketchbook papers are still empty! :D I don't know if anyone of you ever got the same thing!

Dahaca6022> Yea that chinese character means Love as I really enjoy and love nature, (it provides the human body with the Earth Chi/ Qi... but that's another subject! :) Man, one good thing about drawing is that it's a never ending process... I am sure that even a great artist like Xia, if you have to compare his present works, they're much better that the ones he did a year ago.... Keep drawing as much as you can, and draw also with your heart-- put dedication and passion in it! ;)

Agostino> Thanks bro! No I'm not italian, Pero posso parlare benissimo l'italiano! ;D

Knuckles930> Thanks for assisiting me, you knew what I meant!

Knuckles930 said...

Well I carry a black book with me most of the time. Certainly when I go abroad.

Reason for that is that its more easy to take around than a stack of A4 (have experience with it). And you can't lose everything so easily.

If anyone is interested, here's a photo of my blackbook.
Note that I did remove my last name since internet is still a public place. ;)

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