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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hi all,

here is another drawing, Paladin in Judgment Armor
if any of you played WoW, you might remember it :)
I used a reference during sketching, because there is a lot of details. Did not bother with background =/

Any criticism will be highly appreciated! :)
As for now I can see that cloth part is not looking right because of missing wrinkles, I need to practice with it. Also, I couldn't make metal parts shiny/reflective enough, gotta work on that too...



Marius Silaghi said...

Nice Anton keep them coming:)

Your mistake seem to be that you concentrated on just the small parts.You spend time on the small parts shading and negligented the overall shading so it looks flat.You should some have more correct big shadows, and some good highlights on the metal.He looks like he is floating because no good shadows are on the ground.Also try from time to time to desaturate your drawing to see just your value, in your drawing much of your parts have just a 1-2 value, you should increase your value range a little.

The best would to learn form life, but I don't think you have an armor at hand.But you don't need the armor, you just need metal things(a tip is to go in your kitchen and study the effects of the light on the metal things you have there).

Look for reference on the net, but do that just in the worst case.

Xia have some nice tutorials here how to paint metal, look for more on his blog.

Cloth is the best to learn from life. But here is a tutorial for clothes that will give you some nice tips.

Your perspective seem a little off, all the red lines in this edit should all meet in the same point (vanishing point) on the horizontal line (eye level), but they don't seem to do so. For the sword do a little perspective and rotate it, so that it seems for natural how the paladin is holding it.

Anton Puresev said...

thanks again for the great tips, mate!

I guess I made a lot of mistakes on sketching stage, made it too detailed instead of focusing on perspective and pose dynamics (it looks a bit lifeless in such pose)...

figure sketch:

environment/composition sketch:
I did not bother with it because the figure wasn't looking as I expected

as for metal surfaces, I have watched Xia's tutorial before, the problem is that its hard to make all the reflections in place for my particular picture, need to practice

BTW I have found good book on cloth drawing

gonna try to make some other warrior/knight picture :)


Marius Silaghi said...

We need to learn from our mistakes, sometime is hard to see your mistakes if you are starring on the picture for a long time, for that we are showing our work to the world to get honesty opinions.

If your character will stay in an environment with buildings or interior, you need to be very aware of perspective. Don't draw your character separate from your environment, because then the perspective won't match.Both need to have the same perspective.

About that book I don't wanna say my opinion, but just look at the awkward pose of the character on the cover.

Good luck on your next projects.

pokepetter said...

The piece feels really flat because it is lacking any believable/dynamic lighting. Remember that form is shown through shadow.

An appealing and flowing pose has to have a good rhythm, to achieve a good rhythm an artist can base the figure on simple smooth and flowing lines, and build up the complex forms around this simple line. The character looks stiff.

He looks low poly...

The best in this piece is the design which you didn't make. I advise you to study from life or photos. Don't jump to awesome armors right away.

When it comes to drapery. Check out the link to a drapery tutorial I posted. Let the cloth follow the flow of the body and use reference.

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