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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Game Concept- Asia Landscape

I did two mattepaintings at school today. And Im going to do more later this 8 weeks game project. My group wanted me to paint some high quality pics to our game so here u go.
Any crits are welcome!!:P


Anton said...

Amazing! its beautiful, good job! :)

Luca said...

Wow Voff.... this time you left me with no words! Amazing man! I would love to see the process... that would really be helpful!


Knuckles930 said...

Looks very good. Seems Korean, if that's what you where going for.

( top one: )
Only the water didn't seem of the same quality as the rest of the work.
I think its the colour but not certain. Hard to point out..

And it seems that the very last tree line is a photo rather than painted.
If not, certainly a good job. :)

vofff said...

Hey thx for the comments guys.
Thx Anton^^
And "Luca" I hope I can create a tutorial when I have time^^
"Knuckles" The top one my group wanted some concept style of color from farcry. And they needed some strong colors:P.
And the last one I have painted them. The trees and the rest of them. I added loads of details like dirt, leaves, shadows, lights and so on.

Craig said...

Wow! I love both of these pieces. You did them both in one day? I'm really amazed. Great work. Can't wait to see more.

I tend to think knuckles is right about the water. And I think he nailed it with the color. The blue looks too blue for the surrounding scene, and it kinda overpowers. Maybe if it's just toned down a tad?

Nice stuff!

vofff said...

Hey craig! Yeah I didnt knew the color of the water is too strong. I totally agree with u and knuckles. Next time I wont focus too much on the blue blue water when I paint a scene:D

me9a7 said...

this is very nice, i like it :)

Akyo said...

wow, that drawings look really realistic and fine detailed... :D

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