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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hello everyone! i just joined a second ago lol.

I've been wanting comments on this particular piece for awhile now, so here is a piece i painted in PS based on a location in GW (yup thats my Derv at the foreground ;p)


Akyo said...

I like your drawing, you blend all colours well together mate and the foreground-background effect looks nice.

Knuckles930 said...

Certainly looks good, used a screen for reference?

Just one thing, the perspective of the building is slightly off. When you look at the center corner and the outer corners, there slightly off.

Gibbo said...

nice compostition i must admit
great work awsome colours,
very creative subject.
good stuff!

pokepetter said...

Welcome :)

me9a7 said...

@Akyo:Thanks glad you like it :)

@Knuckles930:yes i took a screen shot from the in game and used it as a ref :)

It does seems off lol, for using a ref, i really suck lol.

@Gibbo:hey thanks for your comments, i appreciate it :)

@pokepetter:Thank you :)

i did get a few other comments from other artists, saying that:

-the light from above doesn't lit up well to the other parts of the landscape namely the foreground

-the skull should be more littered, cause right now it looks like in a line.

-The character and tree could be more sharper.

-and the whole color may look a bit too candy lol.

what do you guys think?

Knuckles930 said...

As for the skulls, if you look at the slopes of the hills, it seems normal that they would line up in the lowest point in between.

me9a7 said...

Thanks Knuckles930, i think the skulls are alright, besides the building perspective and foreground lighting, i think the rest is ok as it is, well maybe if theres more details would be good too ^^ Thanks again for all your comments guys! i really appreciate it :) Peace!

i'll try to send more art soon!

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