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Monday, November 3, 2008

Now with powercord.

Ok, so this time I brought the power cord with me.

Time to put up some things than I assume, since I
don't want to lack behind to much. Or worse case
you would all forget about me.

Anyway I updated the contact page so all can see that
I have a limited internet connection. Still if any of
you need me that would be the best way to contact me
since all the posts get pushed back quite fast and it
gets harder for me to read up on the comments.

As for doing some work, I found that making photo's
of my work in my blackbook is the best way to get it
on the net. I usually do some drawing in the evening,
since during the day I'm ether diving or doing customer
relations (customer relation means just idle chat with everyone).

Now most of my work has been themed by ancient China,
which I think comes due to a book I'm reading. It's
about the Chinese revolution, but for some reason
most of my work uses the Dynasties as a theme. Maybe
because the revolution was a direct cause from those.

Anyway here is some of the work I made so far:

First one is just some stuff in general to get going again.

Some Chinese Dynastic general or so.

Temple of Heavenly order. (non existed, before any of you start searching)

Female assassin, I'm really happy with how the face turned out. Might try to post
a small closeup..

Weapon master training in a courtyard. Note the hairstyle, which was to make
the forehead seem larger. My great grand father had the same hairstyle my father
once told. :)

As for the photo's I'll just start off with this one I made yesterday while
coming back from Hurgada (2 hours up north) to extend my visa. I guess its
good for landscape practice as it shows the different values of the mountains.

More stuff will follow the coming weeks but I still have to resize most of my photos.


dahaca6022 said...

Those sketches are really awesome!Come to think of it i have forgotten to draw anatomy...I suck in all ways. :)

Luca said...

nice photo brother... good one!

pokepetter said...

Who are you?

Good work, but get the perspective better next time.

XIA said...

Awesome! keep them sketching coming. Is the last one really a photograph? It does look like speedpainting of landscape of some sort.

Knuckles930 said...

pokepetter, this is the reason I posted some work so you won't forget about me. Maybe I'm far away from the world but I still try to keep up my duty to keep this community good.

I do my best to get things right, but given the circumstances I work in, it can be hard (I don't have anything that can go trough as a decent table).

And jah, the last one really is a photo. If I was able to paint like that, I wouldn't be working as a DiveMaster in Egypt.

Anyway I didn't had much time to produce more, however I do have some photo's I'll put up in a new post.

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