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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some old stuff

This is a massive post :)

These are all old work that I haven't showed yet.
You can find the date they were finished in the filenames.

Enjoy :D

Color study. I only used round hard brush. August 2, 2008
June 11, 2008
Topic was "Journey's End"
August 8, 2008
Mood study.
August 7, 2008
I used ref for people. This and the next three are the same project.
Fast sketch. Between the 7th and the 15th of August, 2008
Between the 7th and the 15th of August, 2008
August 15, 2008

This was right after I bought my first tablet. I've got some older stuff, but that was before my first tablet and is not worth posting.

Currently I'm working on a game project called Project Viewpoint. (We're looking for more people so look at the webpage if you're interested in joining).




Luca said...

wow bro... you did this straight after you got your graphic tablet??! In fact I wanted to post a question to all the community but most of all to Xia (& you!).

Were you satsfied with your digital drawings right after you got the graphic tablet?

I have mine for about 3 months and still I'm not 100% happy with the resluts. My paper drawings are very good and satisfying. Will I get better??! Any recommnedations or tips on how to get better except Practice??

Thanks and well done pokepetter, big post but cool stuff in it ;)


Luca said...

Reagarding to the Game project... I'm very intersted in it (drawing fighters is my speciality!) but unfortunately I'm from Europe! Distance is the problem!

pokepetter said...

"wow bro... you did this straight after you got your graphic tablet?"

Yeah, but I already had experience with the digital medium (I painted with mouse and knew photoshop very well x|)

"Were you satisfied with your digital drawings right after you got the graphic tablet?"

Of course not. If I'm satisfied, I'd never get better. On the other side, my traditional drawing were worse.

To get better with digital, you'll have to explore different approaches to a painting. The keyword is STUDY. Practice is done alongside with the studying. Look at other artists and figure out how they did it. First when I saw Daniel Dociu's work, I had no idea how he did that. Now however, I can see through his cheap tricks hehe.

Specific tips: draw with 100% opacity except when blending, paint shapes, use all the tools you can and "cheat" your way to a better picture.

I think you're very good at handling the digital medium btw.

"Regarding to the Game project... I'm very interested in it (drawing fighters is my specialty!) but unfortunately I'm from Europe! Distance is the problem!"

I'm from Europe too (Norway) and I have no problems with the distance. I can always send e-mails, and chat on MSN later on the day.
If you join, you'll hate it and love at the same time^^

Luca said...

Well brother... thanks for the kind help! =_=

How can you notice Daniel Dociu's working tricks??... because I'm still in that phase where I have no idea how to approach to his kind of artwork - in fact my favorite one is his "Dragon Alley" and I already talked with him about it (kind of long story!)
Brother I think you also have so MUCH to offer to us artists (me...I'm 19!). If you can someday post some "tricks" or "techniques" that many good artist (even you) use; it will be of great help to us!

Keep em rollin' bro! I'll e-mail you soon!

negar said...

Wow! nice works...i like the fast sketches more

Knuckles930 said...

Nice work indeed. Like most, I'm also
interested in the project, but as you
have noticed by now, I can't access the internet when ever I like.

Next to that I think I'm doing better
as a DiveMaster rather than a concept
artist. ;)

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