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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Those photos from some of the prints we make, well this is how it goes:

Some posts ago, we had one about printing. In the comment I said I would
try to post some photos of different prints we have at work.

Well I tried to make some today. But I found that its hard to get a
decent photo of the different quality. Also if helps if the battery
of the camera stays alive.

Anyhow I managed to still get a nice photo of the Solvent Printer we have.

And for those who wonder, these are the heat presses:

I know its quite a mess, but its also a good indication on much work there
is for company clothing.


XIA said...

Damn! That's a HUGE printer! Are you guys base in Holland or are your guys globally contribute?

Luca said...

Wow what a Big printer!! thats nice... I've seen one as big as that once! Cool!

Knuckles930 said...

We mainly work here in The Netherlands. But I'm sure some of your work gets into the international business world.

I do have to note that full colour printing is just a small portion of the actual work we do. It's to bad our website is only in Dutch or else it could give you all a better idea of the whole signmaker thing.

Anyhow here is the link.

From left top to right bottom:
Fleetmarking - Banners
Signposting - Add boards
Gable Publicity - Clothing
Presentation Products - Window Tainting
Attachment Screens - Safety Signs
Flags - Advertisement Columns

(I'll admit I had to use a translator for some words, so when it looks odd, I blame Systran)

Anyway feel free to click the "Lees meer..." if you want to see some photo's. Or use the individual links.

Luca said...

I believe its a very interesting job

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