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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Pixels and Vectors.

I know this community is mainly Photoshop based, but I think a bit of side
tracking once a while won't do to much harm.

A while ago some of you requested 3D tutorials so I assume those of you
are familiar with Vector's. But I assume that there are also a lot of you
out there that have no clue what vectors are.

First thought, Pixels.
Pixels are the little squares that build up your screen. Pixels have a fixed
size. If you enlarge a small image, your computer can only make the squares larger.

While Pixels are nice when you don't scale them to much (specially important when printing).

But thats what Vectors are good for. Vectors are actually not much more than two
points, between which the computer calculates the line. The advantage is that you
can scale an image as big as you like, while keeping the sharpness of the image.

3D programs also use vectors to build up models the same way.
Personally I like to use vectors better, but most often you get very straight
illustrations with it.

Although you can make very nice work with it its very hard to get to that level.
My favorite site for such.

So well this is just some very very basic on Vectors and Pixels I just felt like
posting, but I would recommend to do more research for your self if your interested.

Specially if you want to work with Illustrator or Flash, its not bad to know the basic
behind it. Its also handy when you work as a Signmaker (from personal experience).


Luca said...

hi there... well its very nice to know about vectors... but I think you should have mentioned something about Adobe's Illustrator where as you probably know it works completely with vectors.
Anyways, very helpful and if you know something about "Illustrator" please post it, I'm quite curious about it!


Knuckles930 said...

Indeed I could had mention more
than the footnote its placed now
together with Flash...

But I certainly can give some more
info about Illustrator. If I had to
pick between Illustrator or Photoshop
I think my preference would have to
go to Illustrator (I hope this wont
be noted as blasphemy).

Well if you like I could put up
something like the Photoshop Tools
application. But I could go more
in depth on some of the tools than

Luca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luca said...

Well its no blasphemy to choose Illustrator rather than Photshop! I know this site is basically about Photoshop, but if you know some good links of Illustrator tutorials I'll appreciate!
Thanks for the post!

Knuckles930 said...

Ah I just like teh word
blasphemy. ;)

But regarding tutorials, most of
what I know I most figured out my
self or learned from other people
at back at school or at work.

But I'll try to put some stuff
toghetter if I can find some time.

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