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Friday, March 7, 2008

How to post in the idrawgirls Community.

After some questions on how to get posting in the community, some help:

How to post, in 14 easy steps.

You find your self on the community page and you also want to show
some of you work, but how?


In you upper right, there are two links: Create Blog or Sign In.
Click Create Blog.

If you already have a Blogger or Google account go to step 10.


Fill the highlighted area's. Your display name is the same name
that's used in your posts.


Depending on if you really want to start a blog next to this or not,
you can fill in a name and link for your blog. (if you won't any random
link could do)


Pick a template you like.


So well now you got a blog and with it the account you need, well almost.


After clicking start blogging, you get the post screen for your own blog.


But before we are all done, we need to activate our new account. You should
have received an email with an activation link. Be sure to check you spambox also.


After clicking the link we can see that we got a Google account, which is the
same as a blogger account (Blogspot is a part of the Google Empire).


After we continue we get to the Dashboard. Basically we got the whole basis
we need now.


Now to get you into the community, you need to be invited. You can call out
in the shoutbox or mail Xia at and ask him kindly to
invite you. Alternatively, when you don't feel so kind you can try me at


After you got invited (this may take some time since it needs to be done
manually) you should get an email like this. Be sure to check you spambox also.


Follow the link and accept the invitation.


Now we have two blogs in our Dashboard. Now to post, click: + New Post or
View Blog and use the upper right link we used also in step 1, which has changed now.


So now we get the same screen as in step 6, only now it will post to the
community instead of you own blog.

Good luck posting you work.

Also for those who need a place to host there work,
is a very useful site for easy and free image hosting.

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