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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey guys! I found this website yesterday. It is really nice and useful.

My name is Christoffer, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Denmark. Here in Denmark we do not really have any attractive artschools I think, except the one costing alot. My plan is to become 3D designer (I am decent, but as in drawing I have the heart and the creativity, I just need the techniques and experience), but maybe I should become art designer instead (I like that it's not too complicated, it's all from your soul - even though it's hard to master).

I saw alot of your tutorials. After I saw the tutorial with the beach and the space-ship I wanted to make something similar too, using the techniques and stuff (oooh damn you make it look easy).
Maybe you could tell me which brush to use or which art-book you think I should borrow in the start.

Honestly I didn't really have any thoughts of the landscape, it just came from the heart, after I learnt a few techniques from the tutorial.

(Using photoshop CS2, and I am thinking of buying one of those wacoms..)

I have more text in my head, but it kinda vanished now. I hope that I get some nice critique/help.

P.S. thanks for inviting me to this site

Christoffer Lykke Larsen /

1 comment:

Knuckles930 said...

Let me be the one to welcome you in the community.

As for you ambitions, becoming a decent 3D artist can give a load of options. Two friends of mine are skilled with 3ds Max, so I hear enough about it ;)

But of course if you can combine the two thats even better (something they don't do so much).

Anyhow keep up the work.

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